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February 2014- Newsletter

Welcome to this month's RDz Newsletter highlighting news and events, blogs, upcoming webinars, whitepapers, insights, "how to" information, editorial content and shared experience about IBM's Rational® E.M. product line; On the tools, their usage, technical value and obstacles for doing production z/OS work with them.

The views expressed in this newsletter are solely ours They are based on the production use of the Rational® E.M. products internally and on customer engagements. We welcome your comments and feedback. Please direct emails to: inquiries@royalcyber.com

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Editor Wars: Episode 1 – LPEX vs. the COBOL Editor

Stay focused on both the human factors and "big picture" of your Rollout. If your veteran COBOL programmers are taking their first run at RDz do everything you can to max-out their confidence in using new, modern tools – by onboarding them with LPEX/ISPF. After doing a deep-dive editing/usage modeling survey – used to establish your (not IBM's) out-of-the-box defaults for the RDz editor workspace preferences. For Entry-Level programmers or anyone who's seen carrying around a book on Eclipse, definitely start them off with the COBOL Editor. 

RTC EE — If not now…when?

RTC Enterprise Extensions are available as part of the RTC Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms license. RTC EE can coexist with existing mainframe SCM tools allowing users to benefit from the planning and work item management whilst preparing a phased move to RTC's own SCM. The icing on the cake is that RTC software and maintenance fees are – depending on which mainframe SCM product you're currently running – typically up to 50% lower.

RDz Integration with z/OS Process

As a modern IDE, RDz is often purchased as a replacement for TSO/ISPF – even though IBM is careful not to oversell expectations. It's good that they don't – because no two TSO/ISPF customer installations/toolsets are alike – anywhere, in the world (trust us on this).


Rational EM News
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