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Welcome to the HATS Newsletter for the month of August 2014, highlighting news, events, blogs, recent &upcoming webinars, whitepapers, insights, "how to" information, editorial content and shared experience about IBM's HATS product line.

IBM Rational Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) transforms traditional text-based interfaces—such as 3270 and 5250 green-screen applications into web, portlet, rich client or mobile device-styled user interfaces.

The views expressed in this newsletter are solely ours, based on our production usage of IBM HATS. We welcome your comments and feedback. Please direct your emails to: info@royalcyber.com


Error Handling in HATS Web Service Project

Royal Cyber offered a Free Webinar on ‘Error Handling in HATS Web Service Project’. In this Webinar the whole process creating and testing Web Services in HATS was explained. Most importantly, it was revealed how to handle the errors that one may possibly encounter in a HATS Web Service based project. 

IBM Rational HATS Customized Amazing Features by Royal Cyber

There are numerous HATS vendors out there, so what’s so special about Royal Cyber's HATS solutions? This webinar answered this by revealing Royal Cyber's innovative and creative HATS solutions. Now, those solutions are part of our HATS repository, and can be used in our current and future projects. Learn the advanced HATS Widgets, Keys, Menus, Mobile support, AJAX, Portal support, DOJO, jQuery, Integration with other Applications, etc in this webinar.

Featured White Papers

Royal Cyber Technical Innovations

Single Sign-On in PHP & HATS Applications using Hashed Cookies

This white paper focuses on how to achieve Single Sign-On functionality between PHP-WordPress based applications and the HATS applications using hashed cookies…..  

Responsive Web Design Approach using IBM Rational HATS

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach that is adopted to create websites to support maximum web functionalities to a wide array of mediums, devices, platforms and browsers….  

IBM Rational HATS Modernization: Sub-file Widget Compatibility Issue in Google Chrome

In a recent assignment we encountered a strange issue. The HATS application built using Default Rendering was working absolutely fine on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox and presumably on other browsers, but not on Chrome. In Chrome the sub-file widget was not loading at all and the content that should be appearing at the bottom was being displayed within the table making readability very difficult. Considering it was default rendering.....

From The Royal Cyber Blog

Working With Macros in HATS

As a developer using Host Access Transformation Services (HATS), you can add macros into your HATS application. It is good to use macros in application to boost them and make applications user friendly.

Rational HATS Applications on Apache Geronimo Server

IBM Rational HATS applications are always known to be developed for IBM WebSphere Application or Portal Servers. Now we can develop, test, and deploy HATS web applications for the Apache Geronimo web application server along with Tomcat web container.