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Testing and Deploying HATS Applications on Apache Geronimo Server

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Do you still believe IBM Host Access Transformation Service (HATS) application could only be deployed on WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal Server? Forget this myth and learn how to Run, Test And Deploy HATS web applications on Apache Geronimo Application Server.

In the webinar you will learn:
1. How to add Apache Geronimo Server Adapter in Eclipse RAD/RBD 8.5
2. How to deploy HATS project on standalone Apache Geronimo Server

Enhance your technical horizon and reinvigorate your solution portfolio by getting a kick start on the unique HATS- Geronimo combination.

The webinar will discuss the following:
1 Introduction – IBM Rational HATS
2 Introduction – Apache Geronimo Server
3 Downloading & Installing Apache Geronimo Server
• Installing Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in (GEP)
• Adding Apache Geronimo Server in HATS
• Creating a simple HATS Web Project
• Deploying & Testing HATS Web Application on Apache Geronimo Server
4 Benefits of Geronimo

Technical Requirements
1 Windows or Mac computer Or iOS or Android based device*
2 Working Internet connection
3 Browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 +. Mozilla Firefox 4.0 +, Google Chrome 5.0 +, Safari® 3.0)
4 Telephone access (optional), Speakers and Microphone

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