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4GL Migration Services

4GL Migration ServicesRoyal Cyber provide complete migration solutions of your 4GL applications to EGL,

What is 4GL to EGL Migration Solution?

  • Renovation
  • Switch Informix 4GL logic to EGL
  • Apply conversion tool to mechanize transfer
  • Migrate program-by-program
  • Enhanced Look
  • Leverage IBM Rational Software Development Platform
  • Improve, maintain, and debug EGL business logic
  • Picture transformed EGL programs as Web Services
  • Make new User Interfaces for TUI, GUI, Web and Portal
  • Combine with existing applications, middleware and databases
  • Re-generate to support new databases or middleware
  • Deployment
  • EGL installed as a 100% Java/J2EE application for WebSphere

What is the 4GL /EGL renovation approach?

  • Moving 4GL system/code to EGL
  • Maintenance and enhancement
  • Using the new EGL means
  • Program-by-Program conversion using the conversion services

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