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Web Enablement of Legacy Applications

Legacy Applications Development: IBM Rational HATS is IBM’s strategic product for web integration. With HATS we can create a new customized web/html interface for legacy application. Through web-enablement the legacy applications are more user-friendly with better navigation and custom look and feel of common web interfaces. Once the application is transformed the users can use any web browser client to access the application.

We will provide you:

  • Customized templates for the transformed application.
  • Customization of JSP pages to make them more user-friendly using RAD.
  • Custom Component Development
  • Use of macros for better navigation of host screens.
  • Use of integration objects in order to make reusable components.
  • Use of Rational Studio with HATS perspective to build customized HATS applications.
  • Use of global variables for supporting the business logic of HATS application.
  • Capacity planning assistance to determine processor and memory requirements for an application.
  • Assistance to debug application problems.
  • Reviews to ensure that best practices are being implemented for reliability, etc.

How you’ll benefit

  1. Create and modify applications without jeopardizing your legacy systems
  2. Extend life cycle of your host applications with a modern streamlined interface
  3. Leverage your existing legacy and avoid downtime and customer complaints
  4. Get rid of green screens with a modernized layout

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