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Applications Migration

We helps customers to modernize and migrate from their legacy applications to modern platform with minimum risks.

With the release of HATS v9.5 and new fix packs there have been new additions to HATS toolkit. We have converted many different applications ranging from IBM Host Publisher to HATS v9.5 to make use of new features available in HATS toolkit. The new HATS runtime contains many new features like:

  • WebFacing server support New widget added for creating list boxes. Java 2 Security policy added to HATS applications. Licensing options and runtime enablement support
  • Dynamic widget preview Calendar widget enhanced.
  • Better HTML compression algorithms.
  • And much more.

Application Migration will improve your operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve information assets.

How you’ll benefit

  1. Increase your business productivity by transforming existing IT infrastructure
  2. Simplify integration and enhance performance
  3. Consolidate your business roots by leveraging latest technologies
  4. Integrated development environment to build and deploy multifaceted applications

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