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HATS on Oracle WebLogic

Apart from IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) the latest version (v9.0) of IBM Host Accesss Transformation Services (HATS) allows applications to be deployed on Oracle WebLogic Server too.



IBM Rational HATS Customized Features

BM Rational HATS is inarguably the best tool for presenting old green screen applications in modernized manner rapidly and efficiently.



IBM Rational HOD Jump Start Training

Simply put, IBM® Rational® Host On-Demand provides security-rich web-to-host terminal emulation and host access application programming support from a single interface.



RWD HATS Applications For Best ROI

Instead of designing separate HATS applications for every mobile device, it is better to design a Responsive Application by following RWD (Responsive Web Design) techniques.



Testing and Deploying HATS Application on Apache Geronimo Server

Do you still believe IBM Host Access Transformation Service (HATS) application could only be deployed on WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal Server?Forget this myth and learn how to Run, Test And Deploy HATS web applications on Apache Geronimo Application Server



Enhance IBM Rational HATS® Horizon with Web Services

Modern applications with the help of Web Services have appropriate mechanism to communicate with other Applications, a capability that is practically absent in legacy Green Screen applications.



Menus Implementation with IBM Rational HATS

With the enhancements in Computing and Human Computer interfacing, GUI has been extended to include various input mediums like Keyboard, Mouse, Light Pen, Touch Screen, etc.



Green Screen Apps in Mobile Era

Learn why it is important to have Mobile devices support of the Green Screen applications to your solution armory to attain maximum business and technical benefits. This webinar will demonstrate the benefits and procedures to extend the legacy green screen applications to latest mobile devices like cell phones, smart phones, tablets, bar code readers, PDAs, etc.



Smarter HATS web application that automatically respond according to the screen size

Transform your legacy green screens applications into web based applications, accessible from all devices without any compromise on speed and quality, with short development time. This modernization enhances the business portfolio drastically resulting in best ROI.




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